Laguerre, since 1860 !

Laguerre site is located at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in the Seine-Maritime region. The factory specialises in the manufacture of chemical products: paints, varnishes, diluents, solvents, PVC additives, detergents, industrial effluent and process water treatments, for both businesses and the general public. Our paints for industry, construction and floors can be solvent-based, water-based or solvent-free and Eco Label. We have modern, efficient production equipment to meet your needs. Our Research & Development and Quality Control laboratories contribute to developing products appropriate to current standards. Our production site is completely contained to meet current environmental standards. Our classified facilities comply with French Prefectural Orders. (Order 1432 for storage of flammable liquid).




The Laguerre Group develops and manufactures coatings to improve the surface properties of an object to enhance its appearance, adhesion, resistance to corrosion, abrasion or wettability, or to alter the surface properties of the object to withstand mechanical stresses or the different environmental elements.

Surface Treatment

The Laguerre Group develops and manufactures surface treatment products ranging from construction and industrial etching agents to acid or alkaline corrosion inhibitors, pickling solutions, rust removers, moss inhibitors, blackeners.

Inks & Print

The Laguerre Group develops and manufactures wetting additive products and washing products for offset, helio and flexo printing. The Laguerre Group has also expanded its range of helio, flexo, water-based, solvent-based.

Vehicle Care

The Laguerre Group develops and manufactures a complete professional range from detergent to automobile cosmetic products, including application equipment.

Tolling agreement and R&D

Signatory to the Responsible Care charter, the Laguerre Group formulates, manufactures, packages and stores under contract to suit your needs, in compliance with ICPE and HSE regulations, under the ISO 9001 standard.


The Laguerre Group develops and manufactures fine chemicals or specialty chemicals for all industries. We manufacture a wide range of innovative products meeting the specific and technical needs, while also complying strictly with CSR objectives.

Laguerre Store

Specialist in technical floor coverings for 160 years, you can find our paints and accessories on our online store.

Hand sanitizer

To cope with the Covid-19 crisis, we manufacture our hand sanitizer.