The LAGUERRE group develops and manufactures coatings that improve the appearance, adhesion, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, wettability or adjust the surface properties of an object to mechanical constraints and the various elements of the external environment (ultraviolet rays, water, oxidation (corrosion), temperature, mould, etc.).

Related products

Drying Accelerator

This is a mixture of light solvents, zinc compounds and DBTL in solution.

– These compounds accelerate drying of glycerophtalic and polyurethane paints by oxidation reaction.

Silica Non-slip

Specially graded silica for non-slip application in all our paints.

– Spread the silica non-slip over the first coat of wet paint at about 3 kg/m2 so as to visually cover the entire area of the wet coating.

Leave the surface to harden for 24 hours then remove the surplus lumps of silica non-slip.

Bead Non-slip

Polypropylene beads suitable for making our paints non-slip without abrasive action.

– Incorporate the non-slip beads in the top coat of paint or finishing varnish in a proportion of 3%–4%.


Silicone-free, fluorinated, water-based hydrophobic agent for floors and facades.

– Provides fast and durable waterproofing of the coating material.

Colourless Hydrofuge Water-repellent

Class D1 organic oxo aluminium stearate-based water-repellent treatment in aliphatic solution.

Hydrofuge water-repellent designed to protect stone, plaster, fibre cement, combed render, washed gravel panels, Siporex, sandstone and terracotta.

Hydrofuge water-repellent contains a concentrated active compound forming an effective barrier without forming a surface film.

– The water-repellent effect allows gas exchanges and lets walls continue to breathe when applied over traditional masonry paints.

– Colourless to allow the natural material to show through.

High-power Cleaner

Fast-acting cleaner/disinfectant against mosses, algae, lichens and moulds.
Ready-to-use solution for surface treatment.

– Unlabelled product.

– High-power facade cleaner is a ready-to-use fungicidal/bactericidal/algicidal preparation based on sodium hypochlorite.

It is particularly suitable for destroying micro-organisms quickly and remedial treatment against moulds, yeasts, algae, bacteria, etc.

Gifel water-repellent for roofs

Water-repellent, sulphate-free, non-acidic, non-chlorinated, aqueous solution.

– Preventive sporicidal and fungicidal destruction of lichens, algae and fungi.

– Harmless to zinc, galvanised metals, paints, etc.

– Makes absorbent materials impermeable.

– Asbestos-cement roofs, tiles, slates, shingle, thatch, walls, untreated or painted facades, rough-cast renders.

– Before painting, slabs, tombstones, fences, monuments, terraces, boats.

– Can be painted over most vinyl or acrylic aqueous-dispersed paints, siloxane or pliolite paints.

Use biocides with care. Before use, read the label and information about the product carefully.

Téral 64

Detergent – degreaser
Cleaning of floors and van & HGV bodywork
TERAL 64 is an aqueous solution of sequestrants containing anti-corrosion, alkaline and surface-active substances.

– Can be used in vehicle washing systems and low or high pressure sprays.

– It is completely harmless to paints and has not effect on rubber, plastic and light alloys.

– The surfactants contained in our TERAL 64 meet the biodegradability criteria as defined in Regulation (EC) No 648/2004 on detergents. Our product is also NTA- and EDTA-free.

Floor resins

Galfix 6510

Semi-flexible, self-levelling bicomponent polyurethane floor coating.

– Self-levelling designed for thicknesses of 1–3 mm.
– After polymerisation, forms a flexible, smooth and

semi-gloss film, with high mechanical strength.

Galfix E

Water-repellent and waterproofing coating.
Galfix E is an aqueous-dispersed bicomponent system, supplied in 2 separate containers. It hardens by setting chemically.

– Excellent adhesion properties on concrete or masonry and pressure-resistant, it is used to waterproof and seal walls and partitions affected by significant damp penetration.

– Waterproofing and protection of tanks, reservoirs, pipes, concrete or fibre cement ducts containing or transporting aqueous fluids, including foodstuffs.

– Very effective primer for adhesive and coatings (polyurethane, epoxy or others) that cannot be applied directly to damp substrates.

Galfix EP

Chemically-setting, bicomponent, aqueous-dispersed epoxy composition.

– Use as a primer on concrete and as a concrete jointing adhesive.

Galfix F 8510

Liquid version of GALFIX 8510, solvent-free bicomponent epoxy coating with high chemical resistance for floors and walls (see chemical resistance table).

– After polymerisation, forms a hard, smooth and glossy film.

– It can be applied to concrete, fibre cement, sandblasted or primed metals (test on a small area first).

– It can be reinforced using 50–200 g/m2 glass-fibre mats.

Galfix 8100

Solvent-free bicomponent epoxy coating for decorative floors

– Solvent-free, bicomponent epoxy system designed for laying decorative floors or moderate thickness, combined with coloured quartz fillers.

– It contains low viscosity, translucent fluid binders.

Galfix 8200

Self-levelling, solvent-free bicomponent epoxy coating of moderate thickness (2–4 mm) with 3 components: part A: resin / part B: hardener / part C: fillers.

– After polymerisation, forms a hard, smooth and glossy coating with high mechanical strength.

– Used where high mechanical stresses are experienced: industrial floors, warehouses, storage hangars, loading docks, workshops, high traffic floors, etc.

– Good chemical resistance to the following products: pure water, sewage, dilute acids and bases, petrol, diesel, heating oil, standard detergents, etc.
For specific chemical resistance, contact us.

Galfix 8300

Suitable for mortar to lay industrial floors 5–10 mm thick.
It has 3 components: part A: Galfix 8300 resin / part B: Galfix 8300 hardener / part C: Galfix 8300 filler.

– After polymerisation, forms a hard coating with strong adhesion, high mechanical strength and good chemical resistance.

– Creating seamless flat surfaces.
– Recommended for production plants and repair workshops, warehouses, loading docks, etc.

Epoxy resin for stone screed

Colourless, solvent-free, bicomponent epoxy resin (interior and exterior application).

– Use the resin with aggregates for decorative floors.

– Use in the following system: binder for stone screed: 1 kg of epoxy resin mixture for stone screed per 25 kg bag of aggregate.

Primer 160

This is a solvent-free bicomponent epoxy primer for floors and walls.

– It has remarkable adhesion to most substrates: concrete, cement, fibre cement, brick, stone, breeze block, etc.

Solvent-based bicomponent thin film floor paints

Amerlock 2

Resistant-surface, high solid content bicomponent epoxy paint.
Recommended for industrial floors, factories, warehouses, garages and laboratories.

Withstands damp conditions, spattering and splashing of dust, oils, acids, alkalis, solvents and alkaline solutions.

– Resistant to chemicals.
– Hard and abrasion-resistant.
– Easy to apply on correctly prepared clean concrete or previously painted surfaces.
– Wear-resistant, decorative floor finish.


Bicomponent paint for floor coatings based on epoxide resins and polyamide hardener meeting French standard NFP 74 203 (DTU 59. 3).

– Exceptional adhesion
– Excellent mechanical performance, film hardness and abrasion resistance
– Chemical resistance to oils, greases, detergents, acids and bases (accidental contact)
– Good hydrocarbon resistance (petrol, kerosene)
– Quick-drying, high performance paint.

Acryl polyurethane lacquer

Acrylic–polyurethane bicomponent paint, chemically dried as a result of the reaction between a hydroxylated acrylic resin and isocyanate. Acryl PU lacquer is a two-component polyurethane paint.

– It has excellent abrasion resistance.
– Quick-drying, high performance paint.
– Mixing the 2 pre-dosed components yields a hard film that is very resistant, both mechanically and chemically.

Acryl PU 90/10 waxed concrete varnish

Solvent-based acrylic–polyurethane varnish resulting from the reaction between 2 components: an hydroxylated acrylic resin and an isocyanate.
Varnish for concrete units and walls in kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

– Rapid drying and hardening.
– Resistant to detergents and aggressive liquids (alcohol, etc.)
– Non-yellowing varnish.

Wood floor sealant

Result of a chemical reaction between a Polyester enclosing hydroxyl groups with an Isocyanate.
The reaction between the 2 components results in extraordinary hardening, the varnish film resists abrasion (scratches, rubbing) as well as solvent and chemical attack.

– On new or mechanically renovated wood.
– 2 or 3 coats recommended, depending on the wood type.
Sand between each coat.

Solvent-based monocomponent thin film floor paints


Monocomponent polyurethane paint. It has excellent abrasion resistance. The layer cross-links and hardens by spontaneous combination with ambient moisture.

– Recommended where resistance to wear, chemical attack and repeated washing is needed to protect the interior of new or old floors and walls.
– Good adhesion to porous cement, wood and tiles.
– It can also be used in pure form for a finishing coat after sanding and removing dust on epoxy or polyurethane self-levelling coating.

Colourless alkyd polyurethane Restor: tables, furniture, wood floor, concrete

Based on Isocyanate-Urethane modified alkyds and linoleic-rich fatty acids.
– New and renovation work.
– Varnish recommended for concrete units and walls intended for kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
– Quick drying and hardening. Non-yellowing.
– Suitable for all interior and exterior work.

Restor Acryl Roads

Road marking paint: centre lines, plasticised Acrylic and Methacrylic based pedestrian crossings. Our Restor Acryl Roads is characterised by its elasticity and hardness, and its permeability to UV radiation.
– Excellent resistance to abrasion and bad weather, yellowing, quick drying, unsaponifiable.

Restorsol Polyurethane Rubber

Monocomponent polyurethane floor paint modified by a high performance isomerised rubber hardened by cyclisation.


– Designed to protect the floors of warehouses, stores, staircases, basements, workshops, balconies of loggias for new and renovation work involving moderate traffic.
– Quick drying with low odour. Easy to use with conventional rollers.
– Complete polymerisation of the dry film after 5 days (20°C and 65% RH).
– Excellent resistance to petrol and greases, impacts and abrasion, particularly on wood finish and facades on Restocryl prim (window breasts, supports and mouldings).
– Stable satin appearance, durability of colours.
– Other quality: made in antistatic version for computer rooms.

Primer varnish

Solvent-based primer varnish for road works based on synthetic and methacrylic resins.

– primer to obtain good adhesion of paints.

Concrete surface varnish

– Solvent finishing varnish based on synthetic and methacrylic resins.
– Protection of concrete from water, dust, grease and stains. It gives concrete an easy-clean glossy wet appearance.
– It can be coloured with colouring bases to give a tinted appearance in RAL colours.

Water-based thin film floor paints

Galfix 3155 Aqueous phase bi-component epoxy coating

Galfix 3155 is an aqueous phase bicomponent epoxy coating for floors and walls.

– After polymerisation, forms a hard, smooth, gloss-satin film with high mechanical strength.

– Recommended to protect floors in car parks, warehouses, stores, plant rooms, etc.

– Can be applied on damp but not dripping substrates.

– Galfix 3155 can be applied on concrete, mortar, stone, fibre cement, etc.

– Recommended as finishing coat, epoxy mortars.

Monocomponent Hydro sol PU

Monocomponent, polyurethane synthetic resin dispersion paint strengthened with highly abrasion-resistant mineral pigments.

– Quick drying and excellent adhesion to sound substrates. Very good resistance to abrasion, water and to alkaline and saline solutions and greases. Second coat can be applied the same day.

Hydro AntIco bicomponent PU

Water-based bicomponent polyurethane one-coat paint that can be used in one or two coats as primer and finish.
Mixture proportions by volume: 5/1.

– Exterior or interior use.
– Excellent resistance to bad weather conditions.

Restor Tracing

– Acrylic copolymer-based paint in aqueous emulsion.
Marking paint for grass sports playing fields, resistant to bad weather.

– Resists rubbing and sliding.
– Does not increase thickness due to successive coats, to avoid uneven bounces and altering the path of the ball. Its whiteness improves visibility.
– Suitable for grass. Can also be applied to other surfaces such as cement and asphalt.
Water priming varnish

Pure acrylic emulsion-based priming varnish for road works, for use in difficult places where the surface is uncertain.

Monocomponent Hydro sol PU varnish

Monocomponent, polyurethane synthetic resin dispersion varnish.
– Quick drying and excellent adhesion to sound substrates. Very good resistance to abrasion, water and to alkaline and saline solutions and greases. Second coat can be applied the same day.

Bicomponent PU Hydro Varnish

PU Hydro Varnish is an aqueous phase bicomponent polyurethane varnish for floors and walls.
After polymerisation, PU Hydro Varnish forms a hard, smooth, matt film with high mechanical strength.

– – Recommended to protect floors in car parks, warehouses, stores, plant rooms, etc.
– Used as finishing coat for colour quartz systems, self-levelling epoxide or polyurethane coatings.


Coating varnish

Glass varnish

Industrial Paints


Universal rust remover, phosphatiser converting rust into a crystalline substance that protects the metal.

Phosphate S, solvent-based phosphatiser and protector of metal surfaces.

Excellent base for adhesion of srx diluent paints.

Pickler for Zinc aqueous acids solution.

Pickler for new zinc to aid paint adhesion.




Antirust 610nF alkyd universal primer, grey, brown, red, white, black. Thin using white spirit.

Phosphate wash, alkyd resin-based anticorrosion primer and finishing coat.

Quick drying for steel and galvanised steel building frames. Thin with srx diluent.

Venofer gcv 135/ 131 Quick drying alkyd anticorrosion primer for aggressive industrial environments.

Metal building frames, agricultural and industrial buildings, etc.

Agricultural and industrial cements, primer for cladding. Thin with srx.

Buff anticorrosion primer alkyd resin-based buff anticorrosion primer for agricultural and industrial buildings, very good adhesion. Thin with srx.

Workshop primer SP weldable temporary primer to avoid corrosion during storage. Thin with srx.

Restor Zinc primer based on cyclised rubber and zinc.

Thin using white spirit.

Restor water-based anticorrosion Quick drying, alkyd and acrylic emulsion-based anticorrosion primer. Thin using water.

Hydro glycero oleo wash Alkyd resin-based emulsion primer. Thin using water.

Hydro galva primer Acrylovinyl emulsion-based primer for galva. Thin using water.

Primer wash primer for non-ferrous galvanised metals and aluminium. Thin with srx diluent.


Epoxypolyamide primer Epoxy primer for industrial and chemical environments. Thin using epoxy diluent.

Primer 160 Colourless, solvent-free bicomponent epoxy.




Super lacquer Gloss glycerophtalic finishing lacquer. Thin using white spirit.

Industry glycero lacquer Quick drying alkyd finishing lacquer. Thin with srx diluent.

Antirust 60 Lacquer Antirust finishing lacquer. Thin using white spirit.

Semi-gloss Oleoglycero Universal finish for chalet cladding. Thin using white spirit.

Cellulose paint Very quick drying spray paint. Thin using cellulose thinner.

Red-brown galva paint paint for resists in 500-degree zinc bath.

Aluminium 150° Lacquer Aluminium alkyd finishing lacquer. Thin using white spirit.

Restor rubber alu 500° Cyclised rubber finishing lacquer resistant to 500 degrees. Thin using white spirit.

Hammered lacquer Quick drying, hammered effect alkyd finishing lacquer. Thin with srx diluent.

Bitumen black black bitumen solution. Thin with srx diluent.

Metal anti-oxide varnish Solvent-based acrylic varnish for non-ferrous metals, copper, aluminium, chrome. Thin with srx.

Hydro cladding finish Polyurethane dispersion paint. Quick drying and very good adhesion. Thin using water.

Hydro glycero oleo Alkyd emulsion paint for walls, doors, chalets. Ecolabel. Thin using water.


Galfix F 8510 solvent-free bicomponent epoxy.

Belipox NF polyamide epoxy finishing lacquer. Chemical resistance. Thin using epoxy thinner.

Polyurethane acryl lacquer Paint for storage tanks and bodywork. Resistant to chemicals. Thin using acryl PU thinner.

Anticorrosion hydro pubicomponent Bicomponent one-coat primer and finish. Thin using water.



Galoxide 200 Alu or white solvent-based peel-off paint. Thin with srx diluent.

Galoxide 400 White water-based peel-off paint. Thin using water.

Restor LAGSOLV 300 food-grade degreaser High solvent power. High flash point.


Synthetic • cellulose st • antihaze cellulose • srx • plastic • cleaner st • epoxy lag35 • multi-purpose • acryl pu • roads

Cabinetmaking products



POWDER Cassel extract, rustic oak stain. Thin using water.

WALNUT WATER oak stain, should be lightly sanded after application.



SO-CALLED «CELLULOSE» STAINS Quick drying, don’t lift wood pores, transparent, 14 shades including colourless, light, medium, dark and golden oak, mahogany, cherry, golden cherry, teak, ebony, rosewood, walnut; bitumen in solution; bitumen patina.



SHELLAC VARNISH for French polishing, 18% and 24%, golden or white. Thin using 95% alcohol.

‘CHAFFINCH’ ALCOHOL-BASED VARNISH varnish based on Indonesian gums and natural resins for application on wood, plaster, copper, interior metal. Thin using 95% alcohol.

PAD-APPLIED DULL POLISH MA combination of shellac varnish and chaffinch varnish applied using a pad for varnishing furniture quickly. Thin using 95% alcohol.

LOB REFILLER EQUALISER alcohol-based finishing varnish for substrates filled with pad-applied dull polish. Restores shine on old varnishes. Thin using 95% alcohol.



THICK CELLULOSE SEALER used to fill the pores of wood. Based on a solution nitrocellulose, gums, maleic and alkyd resin, sandable thick sealer. Thin using cellulose thinner.

THICK CELLULOSE VARNISH furniture varnish and finish. Applied by spraying. Thin using cellulose thinner.

CELLULO DULL POLISH F 55 combination of cellulose varnish, French polish and alcohol-based varnish. Applied using a pad.



ACRYL PU 90 10 VARNISH Bicomponent acryl PU varnish for kitchen units, tables, sideboard, countertops and concrete. Available as sealant quality, matt, satin and gloss varnish. Thin using acryl PU thinner.



RENOVATING PASTE for restoring old varnish, makes it possible to remove dirt from old wood by its abrasive and chemical action, such as on chests, violins, etc.



DRIED TEAK OIL based on thermoplastic resins and baked natural oils. Feeds the wood and restores its appearance, for floors, duckboards, clapboard, etc. Thin using white spirit.

BITUMEN-REPELLENT INSULATING VARNISH isolates the bottoms from bistre, soot, tar and resin knot marks. Avoids halos before painting. Thin using 95% alcohol.

RESTORBOIS SHOPFRONT GLYCERO VARNISH based on alkyd resins, natural phenolic resin oils and Tung oil. Recommended for shopfronts, doors, shutters and chalets. Thin using white spirit.

RESTOR SATIN WOOD STAIN finishing wood stain based on thixotropic alkyd resins. Thin using white spirit.

NEMOLASURE HYDRO Aqueous phase decorative wood stain, enhances the structure of wood. Thin using water.

WOOD FLOOR SEALANT Bicomponent polyurethane varnish, highly resistant to abrasion and hardening. Available in satin and gloss finish. Thin using PU thinner.

BICOMPONENT HYDRO PU VARNISH finishing varnish for floors. After polymerisation, forms a hard film with high mechanical strength. Available in gloss, satin and matt finish. Thin using water.