The Laguerre Group develops and manufactures wetting additive products and washing products for offset, helio and flexo printing. The Laguerre Group has also expanded its range of helio, flexo, water-based, solvent-based.



Having acquired the Liquid Inks division of Brancher, Laguerre Inks develops, manufactures and sells liquid Helio, Flexo, water-based, solvent-based and UV inks.

Catalogue available at the following link: 2017 Inks range catalogue

Water-based Flexo Inks, with ranges:
– Amiral
High concentration
Adhesive label, flat cardboard, wrapping
paper, bag and pouch.

– Neptune
Printing of thermal papers
Adhesive label, ticketing, wrapping paper.

– Atoll
Envelope, tinting.

Solvent-based Flexo Inks, with ranges:
C 25
Overcapping capsule skirt and head, champagne
cap, etc.

PVC overcapping capsule skirt and head.

Solvent-based Flexo Inks, with ranges:
– Olympe
Good moisture resistance
Adhesive label, packaging paper and cardboard.

– Atlanta 400
Thermoresistant printing
Checkout bag, shopping bag, small and medium
volume bag, industrial film.

– Venus 400
High adhesion
PVC adhesive tape.

PP adhesive tape.

We also develop and sell a complete range of compatible varnishes.

As well as all ancillary products (additives, thinners, etc.)

Laboratory products

ALUPREP + Strong cleaning product for offset plates.

ALUPREP Water-based emulsion for cleaning and deoxidising offset plates.

ALUPREP CTP For cleaning and deoxidising CTP offset plates.

PLATE PROCESSOR CLEANER Cleaning product for plate developing machines.

POSITIVE CORRECTER Correction gel for positive plates.

FILMNET Film cleaning product.

GOMALU Protective gum for plates, manual use.

CURING GUM Curing solution for offset plates.

MACHINE GUM Protective gum for plates, machine use.

DNA PREPLATES Plate cleaner.

REGENERATOR Regeneration product for plate development baths.

MACHINE DEVELOPER Developer for positive plates, for machine use.


CONCENTRATE 1+4 Positive plate developer, to be diluted 1+4.

CONCENTRATE 1+9 Positive plate developer, to be diluted 1+9.

READY-TO-USE Positive plate developer, ready-to-use.

POWDERED DEVELOPER Positive plate developer, powder to dissolve in water.

Recommended for export.

Miscellaneous products

ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL Pure isopropanol.

ANTI-ALGAE Prevents algae forming in swimming pools.

ANTI-SCALE Anti-scale solution.

ANTI-MOSS Destroys moss and avoids its formation in developing

machines and wetting circuits.

ANTI-DRYING SPRAY Avoids inks drying.

ANTI-STATIC SPRAY Avoids static electricity.

STARTING DILUENT SPRAY Liquefies cold ink.


SUPER-PENETRATING OIL Used to release all metal parts.

SILICONE SPRAY Avoids paper smudging.

STARTING DILUENT Liquefies cold ink.

GLASS CLEANER Cleaning product for glass parts.

HYDROGAL 505 Cleaning product for wetting circuits, eliminating micro-organisms.

EMPTY PASTE Limits heating of inkless rollers while rolling.

ANTI-SMUDGING POWDER Avoids paper smudging.

PROTECTION OF LIQUID CYLINDERS Limits heating of inkless rollers while rolling.

REPBLANKET Blanket repair solution.

CREAM SOAP Hand-cleaning gel.

SILICONE 35% Silicone emulsion with 35% active substance.

SILICONE 60% Silicone emulsion with 60% active substance.

STATINET Anti-static solution.

TAL AQUA Surface tension reducer for washing water.


1 LITRE WASH BOTTLES Useful for cleaning rollers manually.

CONDUCTIVITY METERS Hanna brand, various models.


pH STRIP Per 3 boxes.

SHOCKPROOF BOX FOR pH meter Hanna brand.

ALCOHOL HYDROMETER Used to measure the percentage of alcohol in wetting solution.

pH METERS Hanna brand, various models.

COMBINED pH / CONDUCTIVITY METERS Hanna brand, various models.



CALIBRATION SOLUTION 1,413 and 12,880 microSiemens/cm, single-use sachets, 460 mL bottles.

BUFFER SOLUTION pH 4 – pH 7 single-use sachets, 500 mL or 1 litre bottles.



Washing products

CLEANER CIRCUIT Cleaning product for wetting circuits (sheet and rotary printers).

CIRCUIT RINSING CLEANER Cleaner circuit neutralising product.

LIQUID ROLLER CREAM Liquid cleaning product for rollers and blankets.

PASTE ROLLER CREAM Paste cleaning product for rollers and blankets.

DEGLASOLV Regenerator and deglazer for rollers and blankets.

DEGLASUP Deep cleaning solution for rollers and blankets.

ECONET Hydrocarbon-free cleaning product for blankets, rollers and

mechanical parts.

BLANKET WASH Blanket cleaning product.

AUTOMATIC WASHER Washing solution for inking rollers and blankets

for small offset presses.

MISCIBLE B WASHER Water-miscible cleaning product.

MANCHONET Concentrated washing product for moisteners and blankets.

NUMERONET Cleaning product for numbering machines.

REINIGER Cleaning product with strong solvent power.

RENOVATOR Deep cleaning solution for rollers and blankets.

SOLVECO Washing solution for inking rollers and blankets.

SOLVECO 40 Cleaning product for inking rollers and blankets.

SOLVIMPRIM F Fast-evaporating cleaning product.

MIXED SOLVIMPRIM Cleaning product for conventional inks and UV-curing inks.

SOLVIMPRIM No.1 Odourless solvent for automatic blanket washing,

flash point 62°C.

SOLVIMPRIM No.6 Cleaning product for blankets, for use in automatic washer.

SOLVIMPRIM OS Washing solution for inking rollers, blankets

and wetting sleeves, miscible with water.

SOLVNET Cleaning product for frames of printing machines, non-flammable,


SOLVIMPRIM UV Washing product for UV-curing inks.

TERAL 273 Cleaning product for rollers, non-flammable.

Wetting additives

HYDROECOL AB Wetting additive for IPA-free printing in sheet machines, avoiding glazing of rollers.

HYDROECOL D Wetting additive recommended on IPA-free sheet machines.

HYDROECOL F Anti-scale wetting additive recommended on Heidelberg and KBA (sheets), for IPA-free printing.

HYDROECOL KHD Anti-scale wetting additive recommended on Komori, Mitsubishi and Ryobi (sheets), for IPA-free printing.

HYDROECOL LT2PM Wetting additive recommended on Roland for IPA-free printing (sheets).

HYDROECOL UV Wetting additive for printing on sheet machines using UV-curing inks.

HYDROSTABLE 1% Concentrated conventional wetting additive, suitable for expert.

HYDROSTABLE no.1 Conventional wetting additive for printing with alcohol

HYDROSTABLE P Wetting additive for Cold Set spray rotary printers.

HYDROSTABLE R Wetting additive for Cold Set rotary printers with bare sleeves or rollers.

REMINERALISER Remineraliser for reverse osmosis water.

READY-TO-USE WETTING SOLUTION Ready-to-use wetting solution (irrespective of additive recommended).

WEBECOL UV Wetting additive for Heat Set rotary printers for IPA-free printing with UV-curing inks.

WEBECOL Wetting additive for Heat Set rotary printers for IPA-free printing