Surface treatment

The Laguerre Group develops and manufactures surface treatment products ranging from construction and industrial etching agents to acid or alkaline corrosion inhibitors, pickling solutions, rust removers, moss inhibitors, blackeners.

Protective coatings

ACA COAT No.1 Anti-corrosion and anti-scale protective coating, for application to any metal surface in contact with hot water.

LIQUID No.10 Product for cold bronzing of steel parts.

ELOX HS 1412 Solvent-based temporary protective varnish for painted surfaces.

ELOX WAX 80 Finishing product for washing vehicle bodywork.

ELOX DWT 100 Finishing product for washing vehicle bodywork containing non-ionic and cationic surfactants.

GALOXIDE 200 ALU Solvent-phase liquid used for temporary protect against corrosion of metals.

PLASTELOX 150 NP Belongs to a family of plastic wrapping products applied hot to a wide range of mechanical and electrical parts, and tooling, etc.

Metal treatments

SOLPIP 32 Phosphoric acid-based mixture designed to descale systems containing steel and stainless steel.

SOLPIP 855 Phosphoric acid-based product used to descale systems containing steel and stainless steel; it passivates metal surfaces.




CHIM ALU: Degreaser and deoxidiser for aluminium (even anodised).

CHIM INOX: Used to restore stainless steel.

CMG73: Degreaser for stainless steel materials.

ACID GALVA CLEAN: Degreasing bath for ferrous metals.

NETPHOS HP: Degreases, deoxidises and phosphatises steel and aluminium surfaces. Temporarily protects and promotes adhesion of paint.

NETPHOS 50: Eliminate rust, oxide and limescale on metal substrates.

GEL/LQ STAINLESS STEEL STRIPPER: Temporarily phosphatises parts. Powerful stripper. Eliminates welding beads and cleans stainless steel.


DEPSA: Concentrate without solvent, acid, phosphate or caustic soda. Removes traces of smoke, grease, soot and ink on ceramics, plastics and wood, as well as tyre marks on workshop floors.

PRONET 264: Multi-purpose industrial cleaner, removes all grease marks and deposits from any surface and any substrate.

DALCA 20: Floor, imitation leather, plastic, vinyl. Prepares substrates before painting.

DEGREASER ST: Very dirty and greasy workshop floors.


DEGREASER V103: Emulsifiable liquid for very dirty engines, mechanical parts and floors.

ERGEOL: Industrial degreaser.

RIG WASH: Cold emulsifier developed for dilution with heating oil, diesel, white spirit, oil, toluene, petrol. Does not attack metals. Characterised by a high flash point.

SOLVATEC SC40/60: Effective on all surfaces, even paint. Quick drying, non-greasy.

SOPDEG 4: Ready to use. Dissolves grease, oil, paraffin. Does not attack metals.

Etching agents


PROCAP 215 GEL: Acid stripper, effective on most paints. Can be applied to concrete, stone, brick, wood and light alloys.

PROCAP NG4 LQ/SF/GEL: Acid stripper. Effective on most paints, varnishes, resins, wood stains, glues. Can be used on ferrous metals and wood.


PROCAP 164 LQ / GEL: Alkaline paint stripper. Effective on PTFE, stainless steel and brass substrates. Can be applied on epoxy resin-based coatings.

PROCAP 50 GEL: Economical and powerful stripping powder. Removes paint by soaking.


PROCAP INNOV GEL: Neutral stripper. Removes paint, varnish, stains, mastics, grease coatings and glues, as dry residues.